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In Jan 2020, HC partnered with other suppliers to support the govt. against COVID-19 and setup emergency manufacturing of face masks and respirators. These are now tested, certified and, thanks to the govt., licensed for export in multiple categories to help internationally. Due to high demand, pls contact us with your exact requirements and be ready to finalise your order promptly. Thank you for your understanding.

Established in 2012 HC Bluestone is a specialist phone, tablet and accessory case manufacturer, a leader in hybrid phone cases, drop proof phone cases and cases incorporating a wide range of materials, fabrics and textiles, e.g. bamboo, kevlar, canvas, full grain leather, PU leather and plastic resins (PC, TPU & TPE).

Founded to meet growing demand for combined technology hybrid and drop proof phone cases, HC Bluestone combines injection molding, cut and sew, and dust proof In-Mold-Decorating workshops in Dongguan, China. Our injection molding unit began life in 2005 with silicone keypads and plastic housings for mobile phones, before the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. With years of experience to draw on, HC has led the way on drop proof cases. Our injection molding team were the first to incorporate the original Impact Gel into the sides of phone cases to improve their impact resistance, with double injection, over-molded cases soon on sale in Walmart. We went on to master injectable, one-piece, formats for side impact protection, now a commonly used technique made popular by brands including Tech 21 and Casetify. Our latest partner, Mous, also use this manufacturing technique to combine superior impact resistance with a Kevlar back plate and magnet mount for a highly technical phone case.

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