Prototyping vs Injection Molding ManufacturingMolding

Prototyping vs Injection Molding Manufacturing

Choose between rapid prototyping (up to 1000 shots per mold) and our full China injection molding manufacturing service (unlimited shots per mold)— to best meet your project needs. Rapid prototyping enables you to test and understand your part or product better before moving forward to production. Our full-scale manufacturing production department are capable of both low and high-volume production runs. Our experienced manufacturing team deliver durable long-life molds, short lead times and unrivalled cost efficiency, all of which is backed up with a lifetime guarantee on any mold.

Rapid Prototyping

If your project is in an earlier stage, you may choose to make a prototype to test the design. For prototyping we use a fast-molding process resulting in a softer, less durable tool only suitable for a very low quantity of manufactured parts.

Prototyping costs start as low as $200 dollars and can be completed in as little as 7 days, thereby providing an extremely quick and cost-effective assessment of your part or product. In addition to this, our engineering team will update you with design for manufacture (DFM) analysis and insights both before and after mold-making, plus problem solve any production issues or concerns.

In addition to this, physical prototypes can help your team understand your product better. They are often used as conversation starters for the product sales team and can be used to provide proof-of-concept to both your management teams and investment partners alike. Allocating a period for prototyping within any new design process can ultimately save both time and money, as well as result in a final part or product better suited to its market application – because form, fit and function are analysed with a physical product.

Prototyping can also be used to trial various iterations of the same concept at the same time. In as little as 7 days your team could be pitting one idea against the other, either internally, or in the real world to directly gauge product feasibility and market demand. Once the product is sufficiently well understood and validated, it is time to move forward to a durable mold suitable for mass production.
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