Why China Manufacturing?Molding

Why Choose our China Injection Molding Manufacturing Service ?

Choose China Injection Molding Manufacturing with HC Bluestone to get quality parts, easily, quickly and cost-effectively. Our experienced team, located in the heart of global manufacturing, will help you get to market quickly whether your design is simple or complex.

Here are some of the advantages to Injection Molding Manufacturing in China with HC Bluestone:


The Pearl River Delta is the Silicon Valley of manufacturing. As such, we offer advanced manufacturing techniques and lead the way on innovative design capabilities. Engineers in China are not just engineers, but trained specifically in Injection Molding and have an in-depth understanding of its challenges, pitfalls and nuances. This level of specificity benefits the manufacturing sector considerably and, as a result of prolific China manufacturing this past 30+ years, is simply not found anywhere else in the world.

02People Power

The availability of workers combined with a cultural work ethic enables us to produce 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if necessary. Workers understand the importance of empowering the customer with short production times and happily accept overtime to complete the project and maintain market edge. This commitment enables us to compete with turn-around times in US or EU based factories.


The tired old perception of China being low-quality, high quantity no longer applies. The knowledge hub in the Pearl River Delta has led China to the forefront of quality and efficiency.


Commitment to continuous improvement, flexibility, improvisation, responsiveness and speed make China manufacturing hard to compete with.

05Lower Risk

Lower cost mold making and production reduce the relative risk taken on by companies with any new design or concept. In turn, this enables brands to be more competitive.


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